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Precision mechanical machining on all materials - Ichi Vietnam
Post Date: 18/09/2019


    Black Oxide Coating, 黒染め- is a method of using chemicals to oxidize the metal surface, in order to create a conversion coating with good corrosion resistance, creating aesthetic beauty for the product, at the same time have little dimensional change in regard to mechanical properties of the metal surface. Therefore, it is widely used in cutting tools, weapons, optical tools, etc. . .

    The Black Oxide Coating process creates a black iron oxide layer (Fe3O4) from the chemical reaction between the iron on the metal surface and the oxidizing salt agent in the metal black dye solution. These oxidizing salts include specific penetrants, catalysts, activators, and additives, all of which are involved in black oxide chemical reactions.

    Black oxide coated products


    Black decoration, anti-rusting.

    Small size change: The thickness of the black oxide coating does not exceed 0.001mm

    Good lubricating properties: Black oxide improves anti-cavity properties. In addition, this finishing oil reduces the coefficient of friction of black oxide coated parts.

    Low light reflection: Reduce glare from moving parts, surgical instruments and hand tools coated with black oxide that cause eye strain.

    The Black Oxide Coating process is highly dependent on the method of cleaning the surface of the product. The surface of the product must be cleaned of oil, rust and other impurities. If the surface is not clean, the black oxidizing process will be uneven, affecting the corrosion resistance of the metal blacking layer. Chemicals used in the metal black oxidizing process must be stored under specified conditions to maintain consistent quality in order to provide the best results in the process.

    At CNC 3S, we are using chemicals that meet strict quality and environmental standards of big customers such as Toyota, Tokai, Fuji ... with a 7-step-process carried out in heat insulated tanks under close supervision of automatic control devices.

    Fixtures for black oxide coated products

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