Precision mechanical processing

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Precision mechanical processing
Post Date: 06/2021

    Precision mechanical processing services have been contributing sophisticated bricks to the continuous development of Vietnam's industry as well as the world's evolution. Along with this modern trend of industrialization, the staff of CTI VIET NAM with 15 years of experience in the industry always bring customers the processing details that are not only accurate but also aesthetic at the highest quality. We implement machining on all metallic or nonmetallic materials according to drawings by applying CNC machines and quality control system of modern measuring equipment and inspecting machines.

    Currently, the system of precision mechanical processing machines of CTI VIET NAM  includes:

    • CNC Milling machines
    • CNC Lathe machines
    • Wire EDM and Sinker EDM machines
    • CNC Grinding machines
    CNC Milling area
    CNC Lathe area
    Wire and Sinker EDM area

    The system of quality control equipment includes:

    • Contour Measuring Instrument (CMI)
    • 3D Coordinates Measuring Machine (CMM)
    • Vision Measuring Machine (VMM)
    • Inspecting devices such as calipers, Micrometers, Gauge,...

    Inspecting system of Quality Control department at CTI VIET NAM

    At CTI VIET NAM, we are committed to the highest quality for your precision machined parts.

    Precision processed parts at CTI VIET NAM

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